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Five Pounds & Screaming

142 page, black and white, Graphic novel (comic book format) by Shawn Brook Williams

Five Pounds and Screaming is an original graphic novel set in rural, Wisconsin. It follows a young couple and their struggles with small town living, their biological urge to have children — and with each other.

This story documents the everyday (but also magical) time, between after the honeymoon and into the delivery room.

A love story for those who have children, or are about to!

Pre-Order - Five Pounds & Screaming $15.00 - free shipping

Also available on Amazon

Also available as a digital PDF


Below are reviews and interviews about Shawn Brook Williams or his graphic novel FIVE POUNDS & SCREAMING:


“He really captured the feeling of that time when your first baby is coming, the worries about it and the anticipation of it.”

—Tim Young, Deconstructing Comics podcast

“I can see the slices of Wisconsin life. Little humorous bits expressed like the squeaks of fresh curd.”

—Kristin Beebe, librarian

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