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Shawn Brook Williams was born thirty miles to the east of his current home and studied graphic design at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, thirty miles to the west. He is also the father of the cutest little girl ever.

Shawn is a graphic designer at Element Creative ad agency developing all sorts of print and digital strategies to communicate all kinds of messages. Before that a creative director at Bay Tek Games creating monitor and cabinet graphics for redemption games. Previously he was a visual designer for Marshfield Clinic coordinating corporate branding and web design. And before that the graphic designer for Comics Buyer’s Guide magazine and other periodicals, books, and electronic media for F+W Media. Shawn also wrote, illustrated, and self published a graphic novel called Five Pounds & Screaming. And he is the illustrator of the comic strips Simple Pleasures and Supe & Indy.

Shawn uses this blog to share some of his graphic design projects, freelance design, illustration work, and sequential art related pieces. As well as some writing and publishing successes.


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  1. hidious man / Mar 17 2010 1:59 am

    I beg to differ on the cutest little girl comment. but everything else i agree with.

  2. shawnbrookwilliams / Mar 19 2010 8:36 pm

    Oh come on… You are not going to win this argument!!!

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