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Shawn Brook Williams was born thirty miles to the east of his current home and studied graphic design at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, thirty miles to the west. He is also the father of the cutest girl ever.

Shawn is a graphic designer developing all sorts of print and digital strategies to communicate messages. Including photography and video, managing social media accounts, and illustration. Telling stories, was critical as an Account Leader at BConnected, using all the above mentioned skills managing social media accounts for clients. He has been an art director for Element Creative and Arketype ad agencies. Before that, a creative director at Bay Tek Games creating monitor and cabinet graphics for redemption games. Previously he was a visual designer for Marshfield Clinic coordinating corporate branding and web design. And before that the graphic designer for Comics Buyer’s Guide magazine and other periodicals, books, and electronic media for F+W Media. Shawn also wrote, illustrated, and self-published a graphic novel called Five Pounds & Screaming. And he is the illustrator of the comic strips Simple Pleasures and Supe & Indy.

Shawn uses this blog to share some of his graphic design projects, freelance design, illustration work, and sequential art related pieces. As well as some writing and publishing successes.


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  1. hidious man / Mar 17 2010 1:59 am

    I beg to differ on the cutest little girl comment. but everything else i agree with.

  2. shawnbrookwilliams / Mar 19 2010 8:36 pm

    Oh come on… You are not going to win this argument!!!

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