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October 29, 2013 / shawnbrookwilliams

Halloween Trouble – 8 page comic book to download


For Halloween I wrote and drew a short 8 page minicomic to give away at trick or treating. Ginger Landers edited and distributed it while Batgirl and I gathered candy!

Anyway, if anyone would like to just read the comic here is a reading PDF.

If anyone would like to try to print off their own – download the collate-able PDF version.
Print page 1 of the PDF with page 3 of the PDF on the back of that sheet of paper. Then print page 2 of the PDF with page 4 o the PDF on the back. side. Order them with the comic page numbers printed on the 4 sheets (the comics pages are numbered 1-8) and fold them all in half, staple if you’ve got one and you’ve got a unique Halloween giveaway!

– OK, I realize printing out the collate-able comic probably sounds a little confusing, but here is what I recommend doing and it should work for most desktop printers. Download the collate-able PDF version. Print pages 1, and 2 of the PDF. when the 2 sheets come out of the printer flip the order in which they lie. Top sheet to bottom, bottom sheet to top. (Do not spin them, do not flip them upside down.) Then put the 2 sheet back into the printer as they are now. Then print pages 3-4. They will come out printed correctly and you just fold the sheets in half. Good luck!

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