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September 7, 2011 / shawnbrookwilliams

I interviewed comics creator Mike Dawson

I really like Mike Dawson’s art, his storytelling, and I listen to his podcasts; so I interviewed him for Comics Buyer’s Guide: Read the full interview here.

Mike Dawson is the cartoonist of such graphic novels as Gabagool, Freddie and Me, Ace Face, and is just releasing Troop 142. Mike is a New York-based comics creator who recently became a citizen (from the UK) and produces two weekly podcasts (Ink Panthers, TCJ Talkies) as well.

Below is an excerpt of the interview:

Comics Buyer’s Guide: What made you write the graphic novel Freddie and Me, about the rock band Queen?
Mike Dawson: I was originally inspired by all the great autobio comics that I’d loved in the ’90s. Joe Matt, Chester Brown, Julie Doucet, Seth. I loved their work, and I think they had an influence on me. I had the idea to do a short comic about all the memories I have that I associate with a Queen song. I started working on it, and it just started to grow and grow. What I’d originally intended to be a short catalog of incidents became a much longer story, not just about my life, but also about memory and family connection

CBG: Are you still best known as the Queen guy?
MD: I’m not sure… there are probably a lot of people who know me as a Queen fan, yes. Google did one of those special graphics on their homepage for Freddie Mercury’s birthday, and I got a number of Tweets from people urging me to check it out (it was really cool). Weirdly though, in a way I think I’m lucky Freddie & Me wasn’t massively successful, because then yes, I may have been forever known as the Queen guy. I think I ought to be able to shake off the Queen thing through my new books and my podcasts.

… continued here


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