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June 28, 2011 / shawnbrookwilliams


Probably, like most of you, I don’t buy a lot of CDs anymore, but I did pick up a few recently:

Eddie Vedder:
Ukelele Songs

I’ve been a Pearl Jam fan for over half my life and seek out near everything Eddie Vedder touches – almost always to my delight. Ukelele Songs is no different. Just sweet/sometimes silly little songs that Eddie wrote himself (mostly), and as the title suggests, almost exclusively with a Ukelele. It’s folky and soothing, and I could almost call it haunting. Ukelele Songs is off the beaten path in a good way.

The Narrators:
Chapter One

The Narrators, I think, are kind of
The Beatles meet James Taylor. Lots of excellent guitars and some pretty clever mixing in this studio recording. The sounds are sweet and melancholy, and the lyrics are profound and thought provoking. I know both Tom Dupuis and Jim Felhofer personally, I’ve worked with both these talented guys! (I still fondly remember their version of Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time at a Holiday work party!!) These are some catchy tunes! I Might as Well Be Here is a great sentiment to living in rural Wisconsin.

The Narrators:
Time Takes a Toll
This their second album is very similar to the first. These are some songs about looking back, sometimes with regret, but sometimes with pride. I’m really getting into their lyrics at this point. These are 2 guys just in love with music, and I can’t help but love em — and the music is great too!


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