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December 18, 2010 / shawnbrookwilliams

Supe & Indy on Comics Buyer’s Guide cover!

Supe & Indy CBG cover
Blayne Belter and I (Shawn Williams) created the characters Supe & Indy for a comic strip that ran in Comics Buyer’s Guide magazine for over a year from 2009-2010. Editor Brent Frankenhoff asked us if we’d like to draw Supe & Indy for the cover of an upcoming Comics Buyer’s Guide magazine issue that is focused on independent comic books, a perfect fit for characters representing super-hero and independent comics respectfully. (Hence Supe being a little confused by Chris Ware’s, Acme Novelty Library comic because there were no spandex clad super-heros on the cover) We jumped at the chance and this will be the cover of the #1675 March issue of Comics Buyer’s Guide magazine! I pencilled while Blayne digitally inked and colored this beauty!
The CBG issue includes information about many upcoming 2011 releases from over 7 independent comic book/graphic novel publishers.


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